Lets build Metaverse

Get ready for a state of the art immersive metaverse experience brought to you by Meta Tech where (future online gaming).

Who We Are

Explore the space & ready to play.

Meta Tech will enables you to create, collect or buy pets, groom them or play with them in an immersive metaverse experience.


We Take Care Quality

Smart Contract

The organization established advanced digital agreements than intervene in the interchange of cryptocurrencies.


Ledger embraces different critical information about different funcions than take place on a futuristic blockchain.

Trusted Security

Audit process conducted by different admirable and identify security susceptibility on the platfrom.

Mr. Amanullah

Founder & Managing Director

A dedicated professional from UK with a background in Credit Risk Management, Compliance and Financial Analysis, with a demonstrated history of working in a variety of industries from banking to Telecoms. His ability to understand and deliver on projects and pursue his ambition in emerging technologies and digital assets led him to move into the Blockchain and Crypto space several years ago.

How Can I Register On The Meta Tech Platform?

To register with Meta Tech you need to buy Meta Tech token from decentralize exchange Once you have enough Meta Tech Tokens, you need to make sure that you have enough Binance Coin to pay for Network fee.